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Welcome to the retro, vintage, hippie reference!

Looking for a gift for a hippie, retro home decor, a vintage-looking band t-shirt? You’ve come to the right place. Retro Vintage Hippie is the website where you, the modern-day hippie, can find awesome products that fit your retro style! But first of all I’d like to thank you for coming! ♥

What’s on Retro Vintage Hippie

Products I design myself

Looking for clever gift for a retro fan that can’t be found in a store or on Amazon? I happen to design hippie, psychedelic style products! You’ll be sure to make a unique gift with these! 


Personalized retro items

I’ll be presenting customizable retro products from my favorite designers! Choose the color of the sweater, add the bride’s name on a marble paint gift bag, put your face on a tye-dye t-shirt, or offer a retro monogram phone case to a loved one.

custom retro products


How about some hippie quotes on posters you can download and print at home, as many times as you like? Retro home decor has never been so easy, and affordable! You need printable signs for your rustic wedding? I have that too (along with the matching return adress labels, paper cups, napkins, etc.). I’ll have that ready for you ASAP!


Rustic wedding printable signs

Useful resources, DIY and tips

  • How to throw a retro-themed party
  • Personalized retro gift ideas
  • How to DIY a retro kitchen
  • DIY decorating: a hippie living room
  • 70s fashion inspiration


Because I like to give and because free stuff is fun, I’ll offer various printables free of charge on a regular basis. In fact, let’s start right now! Enter your email below to receive your free Be Hippie printable poster!

Don't worry be hippie poster



How it started

RVH started with my passion for the music, culture, fashion but above all, the vibe of the 60s and 70s. My vision is to grow Retro Vintage Hippie into a lifestyle brand and to inspire people into a hippie revival! I would be thrilled to see a comeback of those values and chill vibes. In the future, I aim to offer products that leave the smallest footprint possible.

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Like many, I feel like I wasn’t born in the right era. I say I’m a hippie at heart because I value peace, love, friendship, health, nature and I always had an interest (let’s admit it, a weird obsession) for everything related to the 60s and 70s. As a teenager I wore bell bottom jeans, wanted to time-travel to marry young Robert Plant, and listened to Jimi hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Doors. That’s when I started playing guitar and chose the rock ‘n roll lifestyle!

I was a salesperson and guitar teacher in a music store for a while and then decided to study music. Even though I wanted to play in a band since I was a kid, it’s only in college I realized how incredibely awesome it really was. Something struck me: all the music students were nice. Lovely people. All of them. How was that even possible? I was a hippie at heart and I had met a bunch of hippies!

As years went by, I had the chance to meet and work with some more amazing folks. Being part of a team of like-minded people is what I love about being a musician and that’s how I started my other website, The Musicians Van. I know what you’re thinking, this van is probably a Westfalia with a peace sign on the front. Well, I told you I was obsessed by everything hippie! Today I work from home, I recently became vegan, I hang out with my cat, I do compost and take care of my plants, so I’m very grateful for my life and I would like for others to have a great life as well.

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What about you, are you a hippie yourself or do you know one? Do you like retro home decor? Do you dress in 70s fashion? I would love to know you!

peace & love

Retro Vintage Hippie