About Retro Vintage Hippie

Hi! I’m Mimi, the girl behind Retro Vintage Hippie. Like many, I feel like I wasn’t born in the right era. I say I’m a hippie at heart because I value peace, love, friendship, health, nature and I always had an interest (let’s admit it, a weird obsession) for everything related to the 60s and 70s. RVH started with my passion for the music, culture, fashion but above all, the vibe of those decades.

I work from home, I recently became vegan, I hang out with my cat, I do compost and take care of my plants, so I’m very grateful for my life and I would like for others to have a great life as well.

In the future, I aim to offer more and more sustainable products. My vision is to grow Retro Vintage Hippie into a lifestyle brand that inspires people into a hippie revival! I would be thrilled to see a comeback of those values and chill vibes.

With peace & love,